20th century fashions

New York: Vintage Books, Paducah, KY: Collector Books, The Supermodern Wardrobe.

20th century fashion men

Milan: Electa, Boston: MFA Publications, In the United States, especially in New York, clothing manufacturers were active.

Often a super short mini dress would be worn as a tunic over pants. Colors were heavily influenced by the war, women adorned military-inspired fashion colors and regalia such as navy and nautical colors.

Art Deco Jewelry.

Fashion eras of the 20th century

In there were caftans and the Chinese look with short quilted jackets. Roberto Cavalli. Accessed July 24, Woodstock, NY: Overlook Press, Getty Images 19 of 30 s: Bell Bottoms One of the most popular fashion items in the '70s was bell bottom pants for both men and women. This look worked with hats and gave a simple but elegant look. Feminists spoke of the "liberated bosom. Mary Quant and her little-girlish thigh-length smock dresses made headlines. Oxford Art Online. In the '90s, Cher Horowitz from the movie Clueless took the counterculture staple and turned it mainstream. Even eveningwear, which emphasized low-cut necklines and narrow waists, had to have padded shoulders.

Due to rationing, dresses were knee length and some women wore trousers to go to work. Bright and girly coulours like pale pink, baby blue and sunshine yellow were popular.

20th century costumes

Yohji Yamamoto's new men's fashion, with its flowing, collarless jackets, proffered an alternative to the yuppie's conventional shoulder-padded business suit. Bodices, with rubber and stretch reinforcements, hugged the body's curves.

Early 20th century clothing

New York: Thames and Hudson, Sonia Delaunay: The Life of an Artist. V-neck collars became fashionable and skirt hems were risen even more! Langley, Susan, and John Dowling. Jean-Paul Gaultier continued to be very successful with his underwear fashions, particularly with Madonna at its center. Baron, Stanley, and Jacques Damase. Gibson's girl was meant to personify the ideal American beauty of that era, and her hairstyle is soft and very poofy with a bun on top and ringlets and tendrils hanging down. A Paul Smith suit mixed flamboyant patchwork fabrics from Afghanistan with s tailoring, while a Helen Storey ensemble revealsed modern street and sportswear influences mixed with ethnic-inspired embroidered decoration. At first, due to the lack of necessary materials, the new style could only be produced slowly, but soon countless private seamstresses were busy fulfilling the dream of the "New Look. The width of the trouser leg below the knee grew progressively wider. Black and gray dominated. The Beatles' "mop top" hair-do became a generational conflict. Typical items of this decade included mini skirts, bell-bottom pants that were popularized by hippies, vintage clothing made a debut, and glam rock and disco trends introduced fashion staples such as satin, glitter, and bright colors. Pierre Cardin's high-necked suits without lapels or collars or with small mandarin collars or "Nehru" created a furor and were adopted by the Beatles.

For his Thousand and Second Night fancy dress ball ofPoiret dressed his wife in a wired lampshade tunic over harem trousers.

Jeanne Lanvin, in contrast, presented a decidedly feminine, romantic line.

20th century fashion book
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20th Century Fashion Trends