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Of all the surviving plays, the tragedies of the Oedipus Trilogy — Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone — are the best known and most often produced. E , the character Electra is waiting for her brother, Orestes. Sophocles was the second-born of the three famous Greek tragedians Aeschylus , Sophocles, and Euripides , but he outlived both his rivals. He dramatically changed the tragic form by adding a third actor, thereby eroding the role of the chorus in the presentation of the plot. Despite all his public service, though, Sophocles remained first and last a dramatist. Public Service Over many years, Sophocles actively participated in Athenian political and cultural life, often in positions of great responsibility. Despite such problems, Oedipus Rex has received considerable attention in modern times, partly due to the father of modern psychiatry, Sigmund Freud. Although all three plays are part of the same story, Sophocles did not create them to be performed as a single theatrical production. Writing about Oedipus Rex in , F.

Antigone fights to uphold the sacred laws that demand that she give proper burial to family members. Euripides — bce : This Greek playwright wrote Medea c. Read more below: Life and career Life and career Sophocles was the younger contemporary of Aeschylus and the older contemporary of Euripides.

The play, Oedipus the King, is recognized as one of the great masterpieces of world literature.

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Many commentators have praised the imaginative form, striking imagery, and emotional power of Sophocles' choral songs, with particular attention to their poetical and philosophical content.

Despite their enmity toward him, Odysseus persuades the kings Menelaus and Agamemnon to grant Ajax a proper burial.

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Notice how sadly, and with what a cloud upon here eyes, the old woman is approaching us to tell us something. Sophocles' ability to blend irony and poetry with effective dramatic technique has earned him a reputation as the greatest playwright of world literature.

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Sophocles won first prize at the Festival of Dionysus 18 times, frequently over such competitors as Aeschylus and Euripides.

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