Executive summary of jollibee

Executive summary of jollibee

Business Objectives 5 VI. The good news is that we are given very clear information regarding the strategic directions of the company. The co-ordination between the different teams and the different levels also is considered to be very high.

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Vision: 1 Their aim to become the most dominant, quality oriented, quick service restaurant, the most endearing brand that has ever been. Jollibee is the dominant fast-food restaurant chain in the Philippines with over 60 percent share of the market.

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Jollibee reaches its th store as it opens its first store in Dubai, UAE. The foundation has focused its work on feeding programs for 3 undernourished children in poor communities, developing farmers to become better entrepreneurs and suppliers of agricultural products and providing disaster relief for calamity- stricken regions.

The arrival of Noli Tingzon marks a critical juncture for Jollibee, where it will begin entering the US market.

The Cheezy Bacon Mushroom Burger is introduced to its line of specialty burgers. Chamber of Commerce and Industry. On the local front, total family expenditure for food consumed outside the home reachedPhP billion, accounting for six percent of the total family expenditure, based on the Family Income and Expenditure Survey FIES Table 1.

InJollibee is a phenomenal success story: what began as a two-branch ice cream parlor in offering hot meals and sandwiches became incorporated in with seven outlets to explore the possibilities of a hamburger concept.

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Jollibee foods corp. inrenational expansion 1