Gwendolen fairfax is a confident and

Kids will love it and you will, too! He dresses stylishly and lives surrounded by beautiful objects. Jack Worthing is a pillar of the Hertfordshire community where he is also the guardian to Cecily Cardrew, daughter of the man who adopted Jack.

The importance of being earnest characters

Gwendolen only manages to portray the characteristics of an upper class aristocratic woman to a limited extent due to the fact that her flaws, which include shallowness and almost sycophantic behaviour where her husband is concerned, are exaggerated by the author in order to satire the upper class. Gwendolen is a model of what is a high fashion in the society of that times. Check out her dialogue: First line: I am always smart! Comedic convention demands that youth and love always win over age and its antiquated attitudes. He is also a type of artist, in that his life is a work of art, or fiction. Cecily also craves appearance and style. She believes Jack's brother is a wicked man, and though she has never met such a man, she thinks the idea sounds romantic. Poznar, Walter. Both women, despite their differences, are products of a world in which how one does something is more important than why.

Typically, in romantic comedies of which genre this play is an examplethe union of the young lovers is opposed by an older antagonist, often a parent of one of the lovers.

Despite their positions in society as victims of the machinations of men, marriage contracts and property, the women are the strong characters who are firmly in control. Both women are smart, persistent and in pursuit of goals in which they take the initiative. As her name suggests, she has all the apparent respectability and moral severity expected of a Victorian English governess, but in fact, she has a hidden past.

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But you don't really mean to say that you couldn't love me if my name wasn't Ernest? This downplayed humor adds to the plot and makes it more surreal yet entertaining. But supposing it was something else?

Gwendolen fairfax is a confident and

There is something in that name that inspires absolute confidence. Chausible are fond of each other, so Cecily plays the role of matchmaker, urging them to take walks together. Cecily delights in bringing people together. I thought so. Through Lady Bracknell, Wilde lampoons the superficiality of upper-class and middle-class morality, which fixated on appearances at the expense of the reality. Jack too is practical and takes his responsibilities quite seriously. Because of her lack of awareness of truth, the humor is, of course, unintentional.
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