Hamlet act iii notes

Hamlet act iii notes

He sets the players to their preparations and then conferences with Horatio. In mid-thought, Hamlet sees Ophelia approaching. Hamlet enters from behind and draws his sword to kill Claudius but decides that it would be wrong to kill a man while praying. He questions her honesty and, in response to her bewilderment, tells her that all men are untrustworthy knaves and that she would be better off in a nunnery. Use this study guide to familiarize yourself with the major themes and plot points of this pivotal part of the tragedy. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern leave. She tells him she wishes to return to him gifts he has given her. Polonius, hidden from view, also cries out for help. The prologue is a short little jingling rhyme. As you answer these questions and perhaps think up a few of your own , jot them down. Hamlet is a fictional character who seems to possess a subconscious mind. His cruelty toward both Ophelia and Gertrude seems at least as motivated by a deep-seated and virulent hatred of women as by the logic of the revenge plot. He pulls his mother in front of a mirror, saying that he will reveal her inmost part, and Gertrude momentarily misinterprets this, thinking that Hamlet may attempt to murder her. One year. Hamlet exits, and Ophelia essentially throws her hands up.

He denies having ever given them. Hamlet manically chatters with Claudius, Polonius, Gertrude and Ophelia, reserving special attention for the latter, whom he sits next to and teases. They tell him that he is report to his mother, a message seconded by Polonius. All exit but Hamlet.

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Why are these words and what follows special? Polonius enters and entreats Hamlet again to see his mother. He determines to send Hamlet on a diplomatic mission to England before he can cause any serious trouble.

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Angrily, Hamlet denies having given her anything; he laments the dishonesty of beauty, and claims both to have loved Ophelia once and never to have loved her at all. But there are many more interesting exchanges and famous scenes in the Act.

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He is determined to convince Gertrude that her having wed Claudius is a betrayal of the worst kind. Then he leaves. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern leave. Vengeance will be exacted when his uncle is in the midst of vice and sin. Having told Horatio what he learned from the ghost—that Claudius murdered his father—he now asks him to watch Claudius carefully during the play so that they might compare their impressions of his behavior afterward. In any case, Claudius thinks this seems like a good time to send Hamlet off to England. After all this, though, the exposure does not actually lead to the satisfaction of vengeance. Claudius and Polonius step out of their hiding place. In mid-thought, Hamlet sees Ophelia approaching. As a parting shot, he points out that even if Ophelia is a regular girl, marriage would still be awful. Such men should have no place in the world, except that all men are such men. The player king and queen then immediately enter the stage.
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