How to write an application for an award

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Contact How to write an effective submission for an award application Drafting an award submission might be time consuming but entering your business into an awards program is a great way to showcase your achievements, gain recognition for your hard work, and promote your business by telling its story.

Does the application have to be for a totally new project?

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Avoid lame typos Clean, easy-to-digest copy should be mandatory for all forms of written communication. Adhere to the word limit Awards applications will often require word limit for each response.

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Read the question. Make sure every bit of required information is submitted with your original entry. Judges almost always work on a points system where the highest score wins. Your employees will be proud to work for an award-winning company and feel satisfied that their hard work is recognised and paying off. Does it properly reflect the personality of your agency or the work itself? Chase them for a response if you need to: remind them that by making this application you are looking to shine a spotlight on their excellent work. Going over word count does not impress anyone. Once you have completed a draft of the main entry, work on your executive summary.

All awards are considered on their merits. Just tell it like it is, and nothing will be lost in translation. What are Board Review Awards?

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Now, re-read the entry criteria — this time though, read them out loud. Spoon feed them everything, wrap it up in an easily digestible package and make sure to follow all the rules. By answering questions about your business it can provide you with a better insight into your achievements and values or help you to create content about your business. Others will often be able to spot important points that are missing from the entry text. Leave yourself just enough time Most of us tend to wait until the deadline is imminent before rushing through the entry process. For example, an award win can do wonders for your PR and the win should mark just the beginning of shouting about your achievement. Make sure you enter to see your outstanding work in the spotlight. It needs to be thoroughly checked and optimised before it is submitted. Is it easy to understand?

This will also give you a good indication of what type of information you will need to complete the submission. About the author : Lush Content We like to think we live in the sweet spot, where the logic of good strategy and the magic of great storytelling meet.

How to write an application for an award

Most awards programs give applicants plenty of time. If you are caught being untruthful in your award application, it can cause considerable damage to your reputation and embarrassment if the award is taken off you. Often award applications will suggest the approximate amount of time it will take for you to fill out the application. Quantify results. Enlist help early. Include the icing. Work with an editor or a proofreader to ensure your application is perfect. Typos never help you make a good impression. Once you have completed a draft of the main entry, work on your executive summary. Follow directions to the letter. It needs to be thoroughly checked and optimised before it is submitted.

Think twice before you copy large chunks of text from other sources. Include visuals and, if appropriate, video to help the judges engage with your entry and bring it to life.

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7 Tips For Writing An Awards Submission