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Willie Garson played three roles during his time on the show: Market Giant's assistant manager, a man named Mervyn who later applies for a position at the store, and the minister who ends up marrying Cory and Topanga.

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In her first appearance in the episode "Learning to Fly", she was having doubt of whether Eric Matthews of being serious of enrolling into colleges because of his less-than-stellar grades and history as a slacker, but Eric persuasively convinced her after an interview.

This leads Cory to occasionally develop an inferiority complex; such as Shawn gets better ideas than him when participating their high school's work study program, meeting art prodigy Alexandra Nechitaand Topanga gets a better job than his after they got married.

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His father is the professional wrestler Vader whose real name is stated on the show as both Francis Albert "Frankie" Stechino, Sr. Jack's mother, however, hid Shawn's letters from her son, leaving Shawn to believe that his half-brother turned his back on his paternal family with his mother for years until Jack finds out. Alan, as the father of the Matthews children, provides guidance to his children. Perhaps one of the reasons he longed to leave the show to go to college for his studies? Eric finally told Tommy that he would not adopt him, though doing so left him saddened. Like Turner, Williams is considered "hip and cool", and can relate easily to the young students. Sennett left the show in season three to pursue music with his band Rilo Kiley , but he made one last appearance in season five's graduation episode. He had been in five different schools before he was When Shawn goes to Pennbrook, Chet goes to Jack's stepfather to ask for money to pay for Shawn's tuition. Amy often plays counterpoint to Alan in giving their children discipline and guidance. Initially another actress was cast in the role; however, she didn't work out. Turner in Boy Meets World, Harper uses comic books in her lessons and rides a motorcycle to work. However, on a trip back to town, during which Chet attempts to reconcile with Shawn and promises to finally stay, Chet dies of a heart attack. Getty Images 2 Melissa Joan Hart. Stories in the third season were written to focus on the friendship between Turner and Williams and the single bachelor life of dating, partying, and socializing that they experience outside of their teaching, showing the life of young adults post-college.

Later on, her parents are reintroduced as a bitter couple on the verge of divorce and are portrayed by Michael McKean and Annette O' Tool.

During his lifetime, he was in and out of his children's lives. In the season three, two-part episode "Girl Meets Ski Lodge", he helps Cory chaperone his class's field trip.

Her reason for meeting up with Shawn is to get some advice and counseling about her fears of becoming a mother, because she is worried that she may end up like her own mother.

During the junior and senior years in high school, Cory becomes a hard working student, able to raise his GPA in addition earning an adequate SAT score to get accepted into colleges. Recurring Characters Chet Hunter Shawn's father, Chet Hunter Blake Clarkis an on-again, off-again father figure, frequently leaving town for months or even years at a time.

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Minkus was on the show from , reappearing in the "Graduation" episode in , with Minkus and Topanga now portrayed as bitter rivals. In the second season, Shawn found residence with Mr. He is a jack-of-all-trades, holding a wide variety of usually low-paying jobs over the course of the series. Sometimes, Cory and Topanga do not get along when Cory is not doing "the right thing", or not doing things "the right way" humorously , complete with deadpan humor and puns. In Season 1, Jedidiah Lawrence, played by Peter Tork, is a guitar-playing hippie who owns a bookstore. Many years later, he resurfaces in "Girl Meets Mr. Cory ultimately chooses Topanga after realizing his love for her and ended his potential relationship with Lauren off-screen. She enjoys things for their artistic value. Later on in the show, Mr. Angela left for Europe with her father to be close to him in the series' second to last episode, therefore she is the only main character absent in the series finale.

He moves back in with his father when Chet returns to town, but at Chet's insistence, moves in with his half-brother Jack and Eric Matthews.

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