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national curriculum levels

These are the objectives for the rest of the day — no tight stop and start times so lunch and afternoon tea will need to be slotted in where it best fits. Close the gap marking? A copy of the assessment guidelines for the level borderline that is the starting point.

We do not expect teachers to recreate the standards files, however, they have to be secure in their judgements.

speaking and listening level descriptors

Complete the grid and give Peter a level high, secure or low. The most valuable evidence has to come from dialogue with child. Resources Thumbnails for all delegates. What teaching strategies need to be in place to be in a position to gather effective evidence?

Speaking and listening targets

Chair in-school moderation meetings and have the final say in resolving any differences in judgements that arise. Delegates first met this in Autumn — take time to consider what has been achieved so far in APP implementation Timeline sheets 1 per school 4 Reflect and review on writing in your school Where are you now? Assess all children… fill in the APP grid for 6! Scale up for use with all children in class in all subjects. They mark sentence boundaries and make the connection between sentence punctuation and meaning in their own writing. Dominant assessment techniques are specific events rather than part of daily teaching and learning. If so how is evidence recorded?
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Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP): Assessment guidelines